Jenirok is an open source Maemo 5 application that shows unknown callers' details automatically on screen. Caller details are fetched using Eniro person search, or Das Telefonbuch which means that Jenirok is mainly usable for Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and German users. Only free phonebook services are used so using Jenirok is completely free except for the possible gprs data transfer costs. Currently Jenirok is available in English, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and German.

Jenirok consists of a background daemon which listens to incoming calls and a gui application which can be used for manual searching and configuring the daemon. Eniro account is needed for manual search. Searches are automatically cached so network is used as little as possible. Searching is only done when the caller's number is not found from the address book.

For bug reports and feature requests you can use the tracker page found in garage.


Jenirok is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


Incoming call Main window Search dialog Details window Settings dialog


Newest version can be downloaded here and from extras-devel repository.

The source code can be obtained from git repository:

git clone

Compilation on scratchbox is pretty straightforward when you have the required dependencies:

fakeroot apt-get install libqt4-dev libebook-dev icd2-dev

And the compilation:

fakeroot make install


Konrad Feldmeier - Das Telefonbuch implementation and German translation

Eirik Lindem and Jørgen Sogn - Norwegian translation

Torbjörn Svangård - Swedish translation

Copyright (C) 2010 Jesse Hakanen

Jenirok project page on garage

Package overview and changelog on